Vibration Sensing System(Vibration、Pose)

  • The aboved diagram illustarte vibration status(X、Y、Z)
  • The belowed diagram illustrate pose status(X、Y、Z)

Vibration & Pose

Waveform recording
(By setting parameter to trigger recording function,then PC or PLC is able to get abnormal waveform to analyze)

It's used for measuring & minitoring equipment、machine、instrument、pipeline.
The belowed items are our features :

  • Customized PCB layout for different space、diameter of tube. It's allowed to embed into equipment.
  • Sensing system is working independently without increasing effort on PLC or PC.
    It's easy to integrate into existed system.
  • Waveform detection : abnormal waveform record、low wave detection...
  • Clock function
  • Synchronously record multi-sensors,understanding each measurement point's status at certain timeframe.