Vibration Detect

Vibration Detection

  • ±2/±4/±8/±16 g full scale
  • ±125/±245/±500/±1000/±2000 dps full scale
  • sample rate : 1000/s

WeC-A21 is high speed edge computing system WeC-A21 is able to monitor equipment、control motor and I/O、communicate with peripheral device by wireless(WiFi) or wire(Ethernet). 

Data acquisition by this system is under stable cycle time. It provide oscilloscope functionality in millisecond level for vibration monitoring、object pose... and so on. These functions are able to be utilized on motor、gripper、robot、AGV、RGV、OHV for CbM (Condition-Based Monitoring).

WeC-A21 Hardware Interface

Control Interface

Communicate with other devices by serial port or DI/DO (24VDC).

  • RS232 x 1
  • RS485 x 1
  • DI x 4 / DO x 4

On-Board Monitoring

Monitor temperature and humidity of WeC-A21.

Communication Interface

Host system communicate with WeC-A21 by Communication Interface. WeC-A21 is able to communicate with other devices in local network.

  • Wi-Fi x 1
  • Ethernet x 1

Condition-Based Monitoring

Monitor condition around WeC-A21. The main application are on motor、gripper、robot、AGV、RGV、OHV...and so on.Ex : Vibration monitoring、Object pose ...and so on.

  • Accelerometer x 1
  • Gyroscope x 1
  • Barometer x 1
  • Magnetometer x 1

Peripheral Data Exchange

WeC-A21 can exchange data with peripheral by NFC.Ex : Robot mount End Effector which install WeC-A21. When the End Effector close to object, it is able to receive object's information by NFC.

  • NFC x 1

Extend Interface

Provide IC interface for extending functionality.

  • I2C x 1
  • SPI x 1